Going Green – Eco Friendly Bathroom Fixtures

Going Green – Eco Friendly Bathroom Fixtures

Bathrooms aren’t always the most glamorous space in your home. Whether yours is downright boring or whether it’s simply not eco-friendly, it goes without saying that most modern bathrooms haven’t had as much thought put into their design as other rooms in our homes.


This is strange, considering that bathrooms cost more than most other spaces to construct, however today bathroom design has barely evolved beyond adding twin sinks and shiny fixtures, with most of us still managing with a standard 5 x 8 space with the traditional tub, sink and toilet.


Too many modern bathrooms feature poor ventilation as well as excessive water and energy usage, and all of this adds up to a desperate need to update and upgrade your bathroom to bring it up to date, not only in style but also in eco-friendliness. Here, you’ll learn how to be a shower champ and create an environmentally sound bathroom.


Don’t Waste Water


water flowing from shower

When making over your bathroom, consider how you can save water. Just your toilet can waste a huge amount of water, but by installing water saving fixtures such as low flow faucets and showerheads, you can cut down a lot of the wastage. Fixing leaks immediately is also key to reducing water use and if you can also collect excess water from your shower and sink, you can use it to feed your garden and flush your toilet.


Make Your Toilet Eco-Friendly


Replace your toilet’s tank lid with a sink instead. This allows the water for your flush to go first through the faucet so you can wash up. A non-flushing urinal can be installed for all the men in the household while a low volume toilet or one that has a dual flushing mechanism will also cut down on water usage.


Thinking About The Sink


If you aren’t quite ready to buy a sink toilet hybrid yet, there are still lots of other things to bear in mind when picking a good eco-friendly sink. A kitchen style faucet that features a spray makes cleaning your sink simple and helps you to save water as an added bonus.


Cut Your Hot Water Usage


girl in the shower

At least 10% of home energy bills are expended on just heating your water. You can cut that amount straight away by using less hot water for bathing, hand washing and for use on household tasks like laundry. You could consider installing a water heat which works via solar power. These are a lot more cost effective than they used to be and function effectively. If you fit a waste heat recovery system it will collect the water used in preheating your shower so you can use it to water the lawn.


Mitigate The Mold


Choose eco-friendly materials in your bathroom which are simple to clean and which prevent the growth of mildew and mold. Using natural materials like wood and cork helps to inhibit the growth of mold, while recycled ceramic tiles or glass on your walls and floor will also help to limit mildew. You can use recycled glass cullet for your countertops, or even choose some made from sealed and compressed recycled paper for a truly eco-friendly option.