Bathroom Stone and Tile – What Flooring should you choose?

Bathroom Stone and Tile – What Flooring should you choose?

When it comes to flooring in your bathroom tiling is one of the top choices, however it can be hard to choose between natural stones options or a ceramic or porcelain tile which mimics its properties. Floor tiles are larger, measuring 12 x 12” or 18 x 18” and usually the color schemes are fairly neutral. Instead of having a colorful floor which naturally draws down the eye, subtle flooring designs are best for complementing the space as a whole.


Ceramic tiles have more texture when compared to ceramic wall tiles and this is to guard against accidental slips and falls. Natural stone also provides traction on wet surfaces for extra safety. Some of the most popular tiles are travertine, which have a warm and soft appearance and slate, with its organic feel. Both of these are great choices for any bathroom.


Creative Ways To Use Tiles


If you’re looking for some interesting and unusual ways to using tiling on your bathroom floor, here are some of my top suggestions:


Mix Up Sizes


floor tiles


To add extra appeal to your bathroom, create a floor tiling design combining small and large tiles in staggered patterns. There is also no need to only use square patterns – why not use hexagonal or octagonal mosaic tiles to create an appealing look?


Tiled Carpet


Instead of using an actual rug or carpet, use tiles to create a rug effect around your toilet or in front of your vanity unit by using mosaic tiles with a contrasting border. This creates different spaces in your room.


Heated Flooring


Tiled bathroom floors are simple to care for and are very stylish with lots of options to choose from, however tiling can feel cold on the feet, especially in winter. Consider using radiant underfloor heating to warm your tiles from below. Choose either electric radiant heating which is simple to install and economical to run, and while it feels luxurious, it is affordable for most homeowners.


Other Flooring Options


wood flooring


If you’d rather steer away from tiling, hardwood flooring is another option as long as it is properly sealed. Well sealed hardwood floors combat damage from moisture and offer a stylish uniform appearance in a home that has all-wood flooring. Vinyl is another user-friendly choice which is incredibly simple to care for by just wiping down. It is also a cost effective option.


Carpeting can be a more difficult option to use in a bathroom. You can’t choose a soft pile such as you would use in a bedroom since mildew is likely to develop, however there are some carpet types which are stain, mildew and water resistant, featuring a special backing which prevents water from seeping through into the padding below. Carpet tiles are a good choice, since a single panel can be removed for easier cleaning, or you may want to carpet a small section of the bathroom – for example in a part of the room with seating away from wet zones. Another alternative is to use rugs for extra softness but which are easy to pick up and clean.